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Interactive Frog in the Lake: A Spline.Design Showcase

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In this portfolio piece, I proudly present my creation using Spline.Design – an enchanting interactive frog in a serene lake. This delightful artwork showcases the magic of animation as the frog’s eyes playfully follow the user’s mouse movements, adding a touch of life to the scene. Moreover, users can immerse themselves further by gently manipulating the scene, providing a sense of control and engagement. This captivating project demonstrates my ability to combine creativity and technical skills to craft visually appealing and interactive experiences that bring joy and wonder to viewers.


CostasCh. As an IT and multimedia specialist, I have a wealth of knowledge in web design, development, and video games. With certifications from the Cisco Networking Academy and expertise in SEO, Google AdWords, and email marketing, I'm dedicated to helping businesses thrive. Currently a student in Information and Electronic Engineering, I'm also skilled in WordPress and WooCommerce.