social media 3d buttons

Splendid Social Media Buttons & 3D Gradient Background

Introducing my latest creation for the digital world: Interactive Social Media Buttons and a stunning 3D Gradient Background! With, I have crafted a captivating user experience that brings social media connectivity to life. Users can effortlessly click on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube buttons, seamlessly opening new windows to explore their favorite platforms. But it doesn’t stop there! The eye-catching 3D gradient background adds a touch of elegance and depth, making the design truly stand out. This project showcases my passion for user-friendly interfaces and innovative visual aesthetics, a perfect addition to my portfolio.


CostasCh. As an IT and multimedia specialist, I have a wealth of knowledge in web design, development, and video games. With certifications from the Cisco Networking Academy and expertise in SEO, Google AdWords, and email marketing, I'm dedicated to helping businesses thrive. Currently a student in Information and Electronic Engineering, I'm also skilled in WordPress and WooCommerce.